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CDCAN-California Disability Community Action Network

Senator Tony Strickland Honors
Special Needs Advocate as Woman of the Year

May 2010

“I am honored to recognize Lori Boehm as Woman of the Year,”
Senator Strickland said. “As a tireless advocate for individuals
with special needs, Lori has made significant contributions to
our community.”

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Raising A Disabled Child... My Journey

Kalon Women, May 2009

In Living Proof, Lisa Nichols presents more than 35 transformational true stories of ordinary people who made the extraordinary decision not only to survive difficult challenges, but to embrace the blessings of their experiences—the gifts that came wrapped in sandpaper.

A Road Less Traveled, by Lori Boehm
A chapter included in the Living Proof anthology.
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“What I love about
the human spirit is,
if one person has access to it, we all do.”
— Lisa Nichols