No one knows your child like you do. If you don't make sure your child gets what he or she is entitled to — then who will?

I will give you the tools and knowledge to navigate through the challenging world of special education, state and federal agencies. You must learn your rights, and USE them to your child’s advantage!

Family Services

I work with children and adults with a variety of special needs. Working hand in hand, I teach parents the reality of the educational system, and agencies that provide services.

As a parent, you must become your child's best advocate. The decisions that school administrators and service agencies make, may not maximize your child's educational development and often can be detrimental. In an era when agency budget constraints often take precedence over consideration of your child's needs, it is critical you be aware and informed of available options. They don't live with the results of those decisions — you do!

Navigating the rocky waters of the educational system and service agencies can be challenging and intimidating. I will educate and mentor you, as I help you strategize your situation. My life experiences have shaped my desire to help you help your child. I want to give you the tools that will allow you to build your child's potential, quality of life, and a chance for an independent future. Through knowledge, parents can empower themselves and take control of their child's destiny.

Initial Consultation 

We begin with a review of all assessments and reports of your child's medical and education history, i.e. psychological, speech & language, behavioral, hospitalizations, vision, hearing, occupational therapy, adaptive P.E., as well as any additional professional assessments and reports. I will also be in contact with any and all related agencies that you and your child have and/or are eligible to work with. 

Once compiled, I generate a complete evaluation, outlining where the individual currently is in the education and recovery process. Then consulting with parents or guardians, I will develop an action plan to help you and your child accomplish your collective goals.

Parent Mentoring

As I assist you in developing a strategy to move forward, I will educate and mentor you so that you can better learn and understand the process.

Special Education Services

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is only as good as the goals and objectives, and the teacher who implements them.

•   Will help you prepare for your IEP meeting, and attend as your advocate.

•   Review IEP goals and objectives, and establish appropriate benchmarks.

•   Review additional supports, services and accommodations needed.

Case Management

•  How to make IEP's and IPP's clear and effective, and cohesive.

•  Review what services you are getting vs. what you should be getting.

•  Help you hold schools and agencies accountable for outcomes.

Regional Center System

I assist families with understanding their rights and entitlements under the Lanterman Act, understanding the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process; planning supports and services, and acquiring appropriate services.

Transition:  High School to Adult

Are you and your child ready for transition from high school to adult life?

I help you understand what you need and how to get it. You need a good exit IEP. You need to know what services your child will be eligible for when they turn 18 years old. Does your child need to be conserved or should you be his or her authorized legal representative? These are a few of the things you need to know. I will help you plan to put all this together into a cohesive  "action plan". This transition will lead you into a "Development of Life Plan", which will lead to your child’s self-reliance. 

Special Needs Trusts

I work with financial institutions to advocate and serve special needs individuals. I also do referrals to special needs attorneys upon request.


- Family Services

- Initial Consultation 

- Parent Mentoring

- Special Education Services

- Case Management

- Regional Center System

- Special Needs Trusts